Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11

My paralysis began on September 11 2005
We lost a cousin never met in the fall of the towers on September 11 2001

This morning I dreamed of my parents
We were living together in a hotel or wide veranda dorm
and we were shopping I was entranced by someone who
painted on a kind of cotton voile and my mother
dug it to-- my mother yelled at me for sleeping
so much and my father was hanging out with me
I start to explain tht it's because of my disability
but then it wasn't there

My brother was there and i could walk and was
zooming around on those clothesluggage carts
I am searching in the store for who made those painting/curtains and then I'm in a semi work mode trying to look up who made them
having conversations with strangers and then I'm at a desk on the phone
my old work friend Victor appeared but it's still beautiful white couch, expansive
full of light

and as always at some point I lose them